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FREE UK SHIPPING for orders £100+
FREE UK SHIPPING for orders £100+

About Us

Lash express is a premium eyelash extension supplier founded by a group of passionate lash artists, we have our own salons based in the UK and the US and we served many clients for the past 6 years. Our is to elevate your lash business by supplying only the highest quality prodcuts at the most affordable price. We know too well the stress it causes to source everything you need for your salon and the pain it felt when clients complain about poor retention and irritation caused by low quality products. Who wouldn't want happy clients all day and every day? Happily, we have been in the industry long enough to have a complete line-up of products that are tried and proved over the years and the value for money we offer is stunning!
We treat every customer as our lash partners and we constantly in search of exciting new items that makes lashing easier and stress-free. We have online courses that are beginner-friendly and handy 24/7 customer support.It is time to lash out with more confidence, our products will get you more happy clients while halving your purchasing cost!

Big Love,
Lash Express- The Lash Extension Expert