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Let’s start with the basics - what actually is brow lamination?

From threading and micro-blading to henna and tinting, the treatments on offer in pursuit of the dream brow are almost endless! 

2020 saw the emergence of yet another brow trend with the rise in popularity of brow lamination treatments. From influencers to runway models, the fluffy and full brow dominated and is continuing to dominate our instagram feeds. 

 Brow goals by @jesshunt2 

While brow lamination can create full and fluffy brows, the common misconception amongst clientele and technicians alike is that the look achieved by brow lamination is just that look alone. This assumption can lead to clients having unrealistic expectations when attending their appointment and in turn be disappointed with the final outcome!

Brow lamination is way more versatile than just big bushy brows! FACT. 

Brow lamination works in a similar way to lash lift - it essentially restructures the brow hairs by opening up the hair cuticles and locking it into a new given position. Many clients are scared that their eyebrows will end up being lifted all the way up - NOT AT ALL! The brows are carefully brushed to no more than a 60 degree angle during the treatment to achieve fuller and natural looking eyebrows, making it the perfect treatment for clients with irregular hair direction, gaps in between hairs and ALSO those wanting the "instagrammable" bushy brow look. 


Clients with thick, unruly hair will also benefit from the treatment as the lamination will cause the hair to become soft and workable, whilst those with thin and sparse eyebrows will be given the appearance of fuller brows! 



As brow lamination is growing in popularity, you can now easily find lamination products designed specifically for eyebrows! 

And this is what Brow Bomber is!

After the amazing success of Lash Filler range, Italian brand InLei, has once again brought to the market a carefully developed range of products - this time specifically designed for brow lamination. 

Brow Bomber is a brow lamination treatment where each product was carefully created to ensure that good care is taken of the eyebrow hairs and skin, resulting in healthy and shiny eyebrows!

Brow Bomber features 3 main components of the treatment:

  1. InLei Brow Lift 1 - eyebrow perming solution. This light cream contains 99% of pure glycerin plus Vitamin E to help protect hairs and skin during the treatment!
  2. InLei Brow Lock 2 - eyebrow fixing solution. Based on hydrogen peroxide, it is designed to perfectly work with Brow Lift 1 to change the structure of the hairs and prepare eyebrows for tinting. It does NOT contain sodium bromite which is strongly advised NOT to be used in perming products.
  3. InLei Brow Bomber 3 - nourishing solution. Brow Bomber 3 does NOT contain water and preservatives - it ONLY contains nourishing ingredients, to be exact oils and two extracts.


So what makes Brow Bomber so different from other brow lamination products?

Brow Bomber solutions were specially designed to be in contact with the skin - no red skin or irritation during/after the treatment! InLei has worked with the best brow experts and chemists to develop an ideal formula and consistency just for eyebrows - this means that you can perform the treatment while your client is sitting, without the risk of the product leaking towards the eye area.


Brow Bomber is also known for its amazing moisturising properties thanks to oils and extracts:

  • Macadamia oil: regulates sebum production, protects brows and skin
  • Argan oil: makes hairs soft, repairs dull and brittle hair
  • Almond oil: moisturising properties, strengthens the hair, prevents hair loss
  • Calendula extract: soothing, curating, soothes irritated skin, balances sebum production
  • Chamomile extract: especially great for fine hair, helps to prevent allergic reactions


There is no need to use cling film with Brow Bomber - the products are strong enough to work on any types of eyebrows, while remaining gentle on the skin.

The products come in airless bottles which allows you to use every single drop of the product. What’s also important is that the bottle does not allow the contents to come into contact with air which prolongs the shelf life of the solutions without a risk of oxidation!

If you have recently qualified in brow lamination, checkout our guide to Brow Bomber products which will change your brow game forever! 

Shop Brow Bomber products HERE!